Monday, December 20, 2010

5 new DVDs from Dr James Dobson's Life on the Edge series

These 5 programs were originally released in VHS format. A generous Kampong Kapor Methodist Church member recently spent time to convert them into DVD and they are now available in the church library.

Title: The Keys to a Lifelong Love
Call number: DVD LIF

Dr. Dobson shows you how to defy the odds and build lasting, satisfying relationships. From selecting a mate to creating intimacy in a marriage, The Keys to a Lifelong Love offers practical principles for building a love that lasts a lifetime
Running time: 52 minutes

Title: When God Doesn't Make Sense
Call number: DVD LIF

Doubting one’s faith and one’s self is a natural part of the Christian life. Dr. Dobson offers insight into the trials of life and how to cope with them. Base on material from the book, When God Doesn’t Make Sense.
Running time: 50 minutes

Title: Emotions: Can You Trust Them?
Call number: DVD LIF

Dr. Dobson help you understand your emotions and offers keys for handling them by making decisions based on faith instead of feelings.
Running time: 40 minutes

Title: Finding God's Will For Your Life
Call number: DVD LIF

You’ll discover how to make wise decisions for a positive future. Whether you’re selecting a career, finding a mate or choosing a lifestyle, Dr. Dobson shows you how to balance responsibility and freedom, and make decisions within the will of God
Running time: 53 minutes

Title: The Myth of Safe Sex
Call number: DVD LIF

Dr. Dobson and Dr. Joe McIlhaney tackle the popular myths and misinformation that our society feeds us, showing that morality isn’t the only reason to delay sex until after marriage. The Myth of Safe Sex emphasizes the medical implications of today’s epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases. Safe sex isn’t. It’s better to wait.
Running time: 53 minutes

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